Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Alllllooooooo, Shalom, Hi, to my dearest children, grandchildren, family, friends, neighbors, and who ever is interesting to read.
My dear daughter in law placed a sign in her home declaring : " POLITICS FREE ZONE". However, I am in Israel, the computer is in my domain at present, and I am busting with anger, with sorrow, and with pride.
It was a difficult day for me, yesterday. Ehud Olmert, ex Prim Minister, entered jail for Offense and Violation of the law. Yes, a corrupt individual, who stained the heritage of the nation, who brought Israel to its historic ebb. 
It is also, sad to know, that Moshe Katzav, ex President of Israel is still serving time, in the same jail,  for sex violation.
Proud, to know, we here in the land of Israel, are being judged as equals. No "discounts" to selected individuals regardless to their position. After all, we the people elected them.
On an other political topic I am sadden,  or more accurately said, I am outrageously
angry, full of furor.  At present, we are plagued with what its called The "Knife Intifada".  The international news, twisting the truth telling it's readers, the Israeli army killing young Palestinian girls.
Those young girls, are "poisoned" by their family, by their teachers, by their media, that Killing the Jews are a holy action, in return for an awarded heaven.
As youngsters they look innocent, with their book bag hanging on their shoulder, they come close enough to the boarder control, or to just a passer by on the market, on the street pulling their knife or scissors and attack.
They all aware, that today, one will not come out alive in this act of violence.
In this knife Intifada, over 60 Israelis lost their life, about triple that, Palestinian.
As I was writing these lines, a 26 year old man, pulled a knife from his sleeve in the area of the Nablos gate, in the old city of Jerusalem attempting to attack security soldier. ( The news stated "the attacker was neutralized".) 
This is all for my Politic corner today. I will now enter the FREE ZONE.....
So, after the soap under my bed sheet to prevent leg cramps at night, cabbage compress to my knee for relieving pain, I started to see a Druz (Arab, see Google.)
Psoriasis Healer. The fumes from the solution, he "paints" every patch of Psoriasis on my body, is reason enough to wear a gas mask, not to mention the burning sensation I experience for at least two hours there after. Well, you all want to hear results, YES ! YES ! it is drying. He still recommends the Dead Sea sun, but as he said: Ramat Gan sun can help too. ( In Ramat Gan I must be careful not to "bake" myself too long.)
Went to see, in three dimension, the last installment of Star War. Loved it, Harrison Ford and Carry Fisher, are looking more like me, and were welcomed on the screen with applause. Israeli audience loves Star War, the place was full.
Sorry, it is late and I decided not to check mistakes.
only in Israel.
I miss you all, sending my love from here.
Ima, Savta, The Shvig, Ludmilla, Estherika (to my M'raat A'chuii), me, Esther.

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